This rosemary pull-apart bread is buttery, flaky, and completely addictive.

Rosemary Pull-Apart Bread

There are few things more satisfying than a warm, soft, homemade loaf of bread. This particular bread, though; oh my gosh, it blew me out of the water. My sister and I made this last week when her flight was cancelled and she got snowed in, giving us an extra day to hang out together. I looked outside in the morning, and couldn’t see a thing – it was a complete white out from my window, and that meant a day working from home and a baking project were in order. We searched online for something fun to make, and came across this recipe from King Arthur Flour. We set to work baking this bread, ate it alongside our salmon and asparagus for dinner, and felt pretty darn proud of ourselves for our snow day accomplishments. The bread is beyond incredible when warm, straight from the oven – it’s buttery, soft, and filled with the savory flavors of rosemary, basil and garlic. It’s truly bread-heaven.

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Stuff mini portobello mushrooms with artichokes, sausage and parmesan cheese for the perfect fall appetizer.

Artichoke and Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms

Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving dish? It’s probably stuffing, or mashed potatoes, or maybe sweet potatoes right? Well, my bold statement for the day is that one of my favorite Thanksgiving dishes comes before the meal even happens. That’s right – these stuffed mushrooms rank at the top of my list, even among classics like cider-glazed sweet potatoes and the best cranberry relish. It’s tough competition, but these little guys are up to the job. They’re stuffed with a combination of artichokes, parmesan cheese, and sausage, and spiced with sage and lemon zest, so you know you’re biting into the perfect fall appetizer.

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Black bean confetti salad stuffed avocados - a quick, easy appetizer or dinner served right in the avocado skin!

Black Bean Confetti Salad Stuffed Avocados

Today, Guacamole for Dinner turns one. I was trying to thing of the most appropriate way to celebrate. It’s a birthday, so I thought cake first. Sprinkles, probably. But really, what better way is there to celebrate a Guacamole for Dinner milestone than with a truly guacamole-inspired recipe. So I turned to my favorite ingredients, and came up with this confetti salad that celebrates everything Guacamole for dinner is about: simple, tasty, healthy, easy, and of course, avocado-filled dishes.

These little bowls would make great appetizers, and the recipe could easily be doubled or tripled to accommodate more mouths. I imagine this would be excellent with tilapia or another mild white fish on the side, or even some spicy chorizo & rice if you want to follow a more traditional Mexican theme. In true Guac for Dinner style, I couldn’t help but call this cute little stuffed avocado cup dinner. Served alongside some toasted bread, it made for a quick, light, and refreshing meal.

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Mozzarella Snowmen Appetizers

This week I decided to take on the somewhat nutty project of hosting a holiday party involving as many excessively adorable holiday recipes as I could get my hands on. It all sounds great until you realize you have an hour before everyone is supposed to show up at your house, and still have most of your dishes to put together. A couple friends came over before the start of the festivities to help me set up, and I was frantically sticking carrot slices onto toothpicks, declaring “If I ever decide to do something like this again, please talk me out of it.”

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Pecan Crusted Chicken Bites

Isn’t kid food secretly kind of the best? Mac and cheese bites, miniature sandwiches, mini pizzas, chicken nuggets. Are you seeing a theme here? Mini, mini, mini. It’s no secret that I think miniature things are adorable. Luckily for me, my fascination is right in line with the restaurant trends. Call it “small plates” or “tapas,” and apparently, you’re allowed to charge $1 per olive. So today, we’re making our own small plate, minus the big price tag, by taking chicken and turning it bite-size. But don’t worry – just because we’re making kid-sized food doesn’t mean we’re going kid-sized on the flavor.

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